The Covenant House Partnership Continues!

Covenant House Dedication Uruquhart 5-31-16 113

Last year, NOAHH began work on the three doubles that would serve as the inaugural rental units in our partnership with Covenant House. On Tuesday, May 31, Derris, the first graduate from Covenant House‘s Rites of Passage (RoP) program celebrated his new home with NOAHH and Covenant House staff and board members, as well as NOAHH homeowner Marty Peters with his band, who performed for the celebration.

The partnership helps Covenant House’s RoP graduates rent from a responsible landlords (in this case, NOAHH) with Covenant House helping them pay rent for in the early months, allowing them to transition steadily to independence. Though not all graduates will go on to join the Habitat program, the hope is that the financial stability provided through affordable, decent housing will allow them to later qualify for the First Time Home-Buyer’s program as well.

Covenant House Dedication Uruquhart 5-31-16 101

Derris, whose home is in St. Roch, will be followed by two other RoP graduates at rental units in Hollygrove. The other half of each double will be (or already is!) rented by responsible renters not affiliated with Covenant House’s programs, but they will be available as neighbors and supporters.

NOAHH is now starting another double for the Covenant House partnership in the Seventh Ward.