Team-Building With New Orleans Habitat

On the hottest day of the year, employees of ADT Security joined Habitat staff on the build site. In spite of the heat, it was the perfect time for a team-building experience – the local ADT team came out to work with new employees from a recently acquired solar company headquartered near New Orleans.

“It was a great learning experience,” said Bob Tucker, Corporate Affairs Director at ADT. “Those of us on the security side don’t know much yet about solar and vice versa. It was a wonderful opportunity for people who would normally not know each other get to work alongside each other and establish new relationships, all while helping make a difference in their community.”

The morning of the build, the ADT team met Sandra Favors, the future owner of the home they were building.

“Hearing the homeowner’s emotional story and thankfulness for what we were doing that day was worth every bit of sweat,” said Tucker.