Rebuilding Jean Lafitte

Jean Lafitte is a place where neighbors look out for one another.

For over 300 years, this community of fishermen and oil field workers has fed and fueled the country, through storms, floods, and more. The families here live on land passed down for generations. Yet they still face incredible odds. New Orleans Habitat is proud to be part of their community.

Partnering with the town of Jean Lafitte, Jefferson Parish, Rural Studio at Auburn University, Griffin Fishing Charters, and a host of sponsors for in-kind donations, New Orleans Habitat is helping the people of Jean Lafitte rebuild with homes that are designed to withstand the next storm.

Rural Studio and New Orleans Habitat designed homes that are elevated 12’, above the flood-levels faced during Hurricane Ida.

The homes use coated metal siding so they do not need to be repainted and tankless water heaters. They are built to a Fortified Gold Standard and have a high energy efficiency rating in order to reduce the long-term cost of the home.

“We had a trailer, we lost the trailer,” Jean Lafitte homeowner Corrinne Percle said. “Habitat is building us a house. Thank God for that. It is so wonderful. I just cannot express how wonderful.”

The first home in Jean Lafitte has now been completed, and with your support, New Orleans Habitat will be building over 40 more in the coming years.

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