Interns & Apprentices: Building Communities

Two years ago, New Orleans Habitat launched our first beta test internship program. Three young people were hired through their school and in partnership with Harbor Freight. The following year the affiliate partnered with a different school and hired interns newly released from juvenile detention. This summer, through a partnership with the city, NOAHH engaged interns for construction and retail work, culminating in hiring an intern as an apprentice who will start at $15/hour with full benefits, including fully funded healthcare.

With each of these early cohorts, New Orleans Habitat learned that simply providing employment is not enough; to fully serve young people, wraparound services and practical support including transportation, meals, and safety gear had to be provided, as well as grounding in business practices, communication skills and social skills. These services have been provided through local partnerships with other nonprofits, expanding our ability to support our community.

This new internship program, funded by Baptist Community Ministries, will serve our mission through the opportunities it creates.

To apply for an internship or learn more, email