Frenchmen Street

New space means greater efficiency

In spring of 2022, NOAHH purchased an entire city block on Frenchmen
Street, directly behind our offices. This space will radically change how we
operate, allowing us to serve our community more efficiently. This purchase
was made possible by MacKenzie Scott’s generous donation.

Features of the space:

  • Warehouse space allowing NOAHH to pre-purchase and store inventory to reduce supply chain interruptions. This space also allows us to buy materials in bulk to save money.
  • Staging and building space to pre-build elements of homes ahead of construction, giving us more flexibility in our construction schedule.
  • Sheltered area to give volunteers space to work in the event of heavy rains.
  • Space enough for 18-wheelers to deliver goods, making it a perfect distribution point for immediate needs after disasters.
  • Much needed office space as our affiliate grows to meet the needs of hard-hit areas and take on major projects like Rising Oaks.