Dentsply GAC Volunteers Revitalize a Neighborhood

On Friday, April 25, 90 employees of Dentsply GAC joined NOAHH on site in New Orleans East to work on new construction and A Brush With Kindness projects. Working on six sites in the neighborhood, they did everything from foundation work to roofing, from painting and fencing to sod and trash removal. Despite the hot May sun, they accomplished quite a bit through the day, and capped it off with an after party, during which they performed a ceremony honoring NOAHH with a generous donation.

Among the homes worked on is one that will one day belong to Kewanda Carr. Carr is a lifelong New Orleanian who is a mother of one. Her daughter, Madysin, is her motivation for being a homeowner. According to Carr, “Madisyn is seven now, and she always says that she wants a house with a backyard. There’s not a Sunday that goes by that I don’t sow a seed into my becoming a homeowner so that she can have her own backyard. God answered my prayers and in a few months we will have a place to call home, and Madisyn will be running around playing in her very own backyard.”

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The work Dentsply GAC did on her home has helped speed her on her way to homeownership. However, Dentsply GAC volunteers from as far away as Uruguay and Spain and as near as Arkansas came out to make a difference not just for a few New Orleans homeowners–a grand task in and of itself–but for a whole community. As well as new construction projects like Kewanda Carr’s future home, they also worked on ABWK projects. ABWK is a program that addresses external home repairs and landscaping work for homeowners in neighborhoods where NOAHH builds. The program is designed to help those who need assistance in major upkeep projects, and NOAHH focuses in areas where our other programs are in force to create a positive impact throughout the neighborhood. Dentsply GAC worked on three ABWK sites around the corner from Carr’s home, as well as two other new construction sites.

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