A Little Wind and Rain Won’t Stop Build-A-Thon

It’s raining!

The second week AmeriCorps’ first day on site saw a little bit of inclement weather, but a lot of progress was made on the homes all the same. As the dark clouds rolled in late in the day, volunteers came down from roofs and ladders for the sake of safety, but there was plenty of interior work to be done on most of the houses. Though construction shut down for the thunder and lightning, everyone was able to get to safety in plenty of time, and soon after, the clouds moved on. The brief showers proved insufficient to stop the 2015 AmeriCorps Build-A-Thon. Overnight, the storms intensified, leaving a few overturned signs and twisted banners, but the houses were unscathed and by the time the volunteers arrived, the sun had returned for another great day.

Check out the photos below to see our progress halfway through the build, or check us out on Facebook or Twitter to get updates throughout the day!

May 19:

May 19


May 20:

May 20 B


May 21:

May 20

May 22:

May 22b

May 23:

May 23


May 24:

May 24 May 24b May 24C May 24d

May 25:

May 25

May 26:

May 26b May 26c May 26d