Women Build: The Pink Tutu Club


Over 500 women made Women Build possible in 2017, but there were a few roles for men in the long process of planning and executing the 12-day blitz build. There was even one man who volunteered during the build. Presenting sponsor GE Digital Women’s Network is an inclusive organization at the company that supports the empowerment of women; everyone is welcome to join. As a member of the organization, Luke Dantin joined them on site for the build. As per NOAHH tradition, all men on site were asked to wear pink tutus. None of the men on site hesitated to put one on and get to work.

On other days of the build, men from Marriott, Fidelity Bank, and Woodward Design+Build came out to help prepare and serve lunches for the volunteers on site. Marriott GMs and staff brought out a full grill and more to serve the women helping build the first day of the event, including many women from local Marriott Hotels. Woodward Design+Build joined NOAHH on site to serve Juan’s Flying Burrito to the women of Woodward and some of their friends when the team the Brick Freedias were on site, and Fidelity Bank came out twice, once during Fidelity’s build day and on the dedication day, to serve food and support the women building Monica’s home. The men from Woodward Design+Build, who work in the construction field, were especially impressed with the progress on her home when they visited.

These are just the men who came to site. Other men helped by donating money or providing other support. Here’s just some of the ways men can be involved in the build:


Building a house is hungry work, especially during a blitz build. Regular water breaks, snacks, and a good lunch make the build day a lot easier. Men can help by providing snacks and treats for the volunteers on site, delivering them during the build day or before.


Part of Women Build is the Surprise and Delight that helps teams relax during breaks at the build. Whether it was video games from Microsoft or a little music from NOAHH partner family Marty Peters, men helped deliver lunchtime and afternoon entertainments for the volunteers on site. Music, games, or other special performances are all welcome.


Each team raises $5,000 as part of their commitment to Women Build! Contributing to the teams directly or help them raise money for the build. Every gift helps! You can also sponsor a volunteer, helping cover fees and support an individual’s work at the build.

Setup and Breakdown

Come early to help NOAHH staff get the registration tables, signage, and refreshment areas set up, or come later to help take them down! It takes a lot of work to coordinate hundreds of volunteers. Help us make the build go as smoothly as possible by working with our event staff.

Spread the Word

Tell a friend, buy an ad, share on social media, or find other great ways to promote Women Build. Help us connect with women throughout the New Orleans area and make this the biggest build event of the year!

Document the Build

Take pictures or video on site to share with the teams and with NOAHH! Interview volunteers, team leaders, and the partner families about their experiences on site. Help us tell the story!

If you want to be involved in the Pink Tutu Club or if you have other ideas on how to help with Women Build 2018, contact Jim Dempsey here or by phone at 504-861-2077 ext. 245.