Whom Do We Serve?

Home repair and preservation work makes healthier homes. Our program serves mostly elderly and/or disabled homeowners who have been in their homes for decades, but need assistance with repairs that impact their quality of life. The following statistics reflect some of the ways unsafe conditions can affect the people who live in a home:

  • 10% of children tested had an elevated blood lead level in Orleans Parish; 52% of housing in Louisiana was built before 1978 and is likely to have lead-based paint. NOAHH partners with the city on the Healthy Homes Initiative to do lead-abatement work.
  • 40% of asthma or other respiratory conditions are triggered by conditions in the home such as dust mites, mold and other particulates, as well as poor ventilation and dampness. This is not just a matter of keeping the home clean, but preventing leaks, repainting, and having an adequate HVAC system.
  • 23% of Louisiana children live in areas with “poorly kept or rundown housing” compared to 16.2% nationwide. It’s not just about an individual home, but whole neighborhoods. Blighted or poorly kept properties can attract rats and other pests and pose fire risks for their neighbors.

Stats from National Center for Healthy Housing, UNO, Louisiana Housing Alliance, Altarum Healthcare Value Hub, and National Survey of Children’s Health