Unity Build Reunion

Four months after the end of the 2017 Unity Build, members of many of the churches who participated came back to the build site. The reunion build not only gave them a chance to reconnect with their fellow volunteers, but also to see the progress in the neighborhood they had built in before. Just around the corner from Nicole’s home, seven homes are under construction as hundreds of spring break volunteers join NOAHH on site. Building on one of those homes in sight of Nicole’s home, the volunteers were able to see the rapid progress taking place there as a new community is being built.

“Lots of progress has been made,” said Greg Beuerman of St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church. “It’s a great thing to be able to see what houses are going to look like and what this neighborhood is going to look like eventually. Sooner than later. There’s been a lot of progress made. I know the homeowners are excited. We’re excited to be a small part of that.”

Richard Seelmann, also of St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian, agreed, “It’s satisfying. It’s exciting to how many new houses are going up out here. It’s going to revolutionize this neighborhood, so I’m proud to be part of the effort.”

“Since last fall there’s been so many different homes started,” said Bill Wright of Trinity Episcopal. “It’s going to be a great neighborhood. More Habitat homeowners will surround the ones that started this area to make a great community.”

Working together with friends made during the fall 2017 build let them reconnect.

“It’s good to reacquaint ourselves with each other,” said Bill. “We’ve got representatives of several congregations that worked together last fall. I’m looking forward to working next year on the next Unity Build. We have a good group assembled for the reunion build and we’re gonna make some progress here today.”

“It’s great to see familiar faces again,” said Henri Adamson, one of the crew leaders on the fall Unity Build. “I like when volunteers come back because you can continue the relationships, and they already know the skills. It’s great to have them. Volunteers make the day even nicer. We’re out here sometimes by ourselves. Having volunteers uplifts the mood. The Unity Build is one of my best memories of being with Habitat so far. It’s nice to have them back. The Unity Build was awesome, building a house that quickly. The constant pace is great. It’s nice to see them back again.”

As with the fall Unity Build, the reunion brought together people of different faiths.

“We love coming out, particularly the ecumenical factor,” said Greg. “That so many different churches are pulling together is great. It’s a good way to meet people and a good way to do good work.”

NOAHH is looking forward to our 2019 Unity Build! If you or your congregation wish to be involved, contact Avery for more information.