The Third Ingredient


Your support is the answer to the challenges faced by New Orleanians seeking to build a better life through home ownership. In our city, you need to make $47,690 to afford a median-priced home without sacrificing other necessities, sometimes more than twice as much as the annual income of those whose jobs are vital to our city’s beloved culture, welcoming spirit, and basic infrastructure. Like the best New Orleans meals, it takes a special trinity of ingredients–your financial support, in combination with NOAHH’s organizational capacity and expertise, and the courage and hard work of our partner families–to make affordable homeownership a reality for everyone.

Tonya VanBuren is a phlebotomist at a local hospital. She’s a single mother with one son, Ryan. She works ten-hour shifts and goes to school, and between that and raising her son, she finds time to work her sweat equity hours as part of NOAHH’s homeownership program. With your help, she will be buying a 3-bedroom home with a 0% interest mortgage with a monthly payment that will be less than 30% of her income. It’s through this program, this combination of ingredients, that homeownership becomes affordable.

Seventy percent of NOAHH’s partner families are female-headed households, many of them single mothers. In a city where women earn 79 cents to a man’s dollar and 58% of single-mother families live below the poverty line, housing choices are often unstable and unsafe. With nearly half of all children in New Orleans in single-mother homes, the need for affordable housing has an impact across generations. By working toward homeownership, Tonya is building a better future for herself and her son.

Safe, affordable, stable housing is the best recipe for this kind of change. Tonya and families like hers have found a path to affordable homeownership through NOAHH’s program. Your financial support is the third ingredient that completes NOAHH’s recipe for change.

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