Thank You for Your Support

“It’s a blessing to be in my new home. Thanks to Habitat that has program that help. Being single grandmother of nine grandchildren I didn’t have enough room. I couldn’t afford a bigger place. It’s beautiful wonderful and a true blessing.” – Lila Ellsworth

Thank you.

Your support means more than just shelter for New Orleans families. It means security, stability, and self-reliance. It means families can finally sit together, work together, and play together in spaces that are their own. It means privacy for those who once lived in over-crowding, and it means affordability for those once paying more than half their income on rent. It means safety for those whose apartments had major maintenance and structural issues, and it means families will not be forced to move because a landlord is selling their home. Your support makes all of these things possible and more:

Your support means families get to celebrate their holidays together. When a family has no room for a dinner table, when a family can’t sit down together, it affects more than just daily routines. Studies have shown that test scores and overall grades are correlated with the simple act of having a meal together every day. Today, your support means over a dozen families are having their first Thanksgiving together in their own homes this year.

Lila Ellsworth has a home on America Street. She is helping to raise nine grandchildren.

“I couldn’t afford to put us all in one home,” she said. “The rent was $900 and $1,000, and it wasn’t affordable. So I told them, I promised them, ‘Mimi’s gonna find a way. We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna be together.'”

In her new home, she is able to bring her family together for the holidays, and she would not have been able to without the help of the volunteers who helped build her home, the donors who help fund it, and everyone who has supported NOAHH’s mission.

On behalf of Lila and all of our partner families, NOAHH thanks you for everything you’ve made possible.