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My name is Nicole Pujol and I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a proud mother of two amazing children- Amiyah (14) and Mason (2).

Amiyah has recently graduated from 8th grade with honors and will soon enter her freshman year of high school. She is an all around talented, smart and creative person with the heart of gold an voice of angel. Mason has an awesome personality, definitely has an old soul, smart and very independent. His smile and laughter brightens up my day.  Family is everything and my children are my life so being able to build a strong foundation and give them a home of their own is a blessing.

Volunteering at the Restore and being on the construction sites especially for the Women Build opened my eyes and helped me appreciate what we are working towards. Meeting other partner families and seeing everyone come together  rolling up their sleeves to help one another showed what this program is all about. It was positive vibes all around. I would love to continuing volunteering time to time even after I move into my new home.

I was a little skeptical of the program at first, but once I have talked to the staff and knew more about the NOAHH program, I felt comfortable in proceeding with the application.  This is a great investment for my family. Seeing our home come from the ground up and being part of the team to make it all become possible we will appreciate it a whole lot more. The stages are well worth the wait and now I am on my way to becoming a homeowner!

A big THANK YOU to NOLA Habitat for Humanity, all those who volunteered and sweated those hours out with me, and to the sponsors who have turned one of my dreams come into reality.

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