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My name is Patrice Mimitte. I was born and raised in uptown New Orleans. I lived in a Habitat Home as a child. I have a beautiful seven year old daughter named Jayla. We currently reside in New Orleans East. I have always dreamed of becoming a homeowner. I must admit I was a little afraid to take that leap of faith but I prayed about it and applied for the program and now I am about to move into a home that I can call my own. My daughter is so excited that we are moving. She asks me every day about the house. She is ready to play in the backyard. It makes me happy to know that she is happy. She makes me want to work even harder to accomplish this dream of mine. I thank God for blessing and favoring me. I am so grateful for everyone who has made this possible. I am especially thankful for my family and the members of Trinity Church who have been so supportive throughout my journey.

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