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My name is Roberta McDaniel  and I live by myself in a very small apartment, which is almost like the basement of a house. While growing up in a small town, Beaumont, in Mississippi, I made it a goal to one day leave in search for something different. I found a beautiful  city called “New Orleans” and I never left. I fell in love with the culture, the history, the people and let’s not forget about the food.

Living in this city was not easy as I struggled to survive, and I even have been homeless for a while, but I did not give up. I knew there was something better  for me,  I just had to find it…and I did! I landed in a job with the City of New Orleans, which I kept for the last  4  years. “Yes, I love my job!”

Furthermore, I am very happy about finding NOAHH, as this organization is making my dreams come true. “ I am truly grateful for the opportunity of learning the skills of building a home and working along with such wonderful people.”

Nail by nail, board by board, NOAHH is building this Princess her Fairy Tale Castle…THANK YOU!

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