Julien Family

Hi, my name is Shandrinette Julien . I have three children.They are Jason Jerome Alexander Jr., age 11 years, Leroy Moon lV age 8 years, and Leyla Bryanne Marie moon, age 20 months. I heard about Habitat for Humanity from a friend I work with at the Audubon Zoo. I am a single mother. I’ve always wanted to make a better way of living for me and my children. Home ownership is very important to me and my family. I would like for them grow up in a better neighborhood in their own home. My children have good manners and a god fearing up -bringing. My sons attend St. Alphonsus Catholic School. My baby girl attends Mattie’s Little Angels day care center. My family and I attend Watson ‘s Memorial Teaching Ministries in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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