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I’ve had a pretty lofty goal to reach, to have my own house in my twenties. I have been motivated mostly by my mom who bought her first house when she was my age. She instilled in me the concepts and values of sanctuary, having my own, purchasing over renting. Because of N.O. Habitat, I have the opportunity to have my own sanctuary, a place to truly call home. And not only do I have this sanctuary, I have it in the city I call home, New Orleans.

Even in the four years that I spent away in California, my heart never truly left New Orleans, and now, my body has returned, too. I find myself, in this process, considering things that I’ve never thought of before and looking forward to buying things like furniture and miscellaneous knick knacks, just like a real homebuyer! I’ve never been this excited, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.

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