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My name is Monica Grandpre. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I attended and graduated from McDonogh 35 Senior High School in 2004.  I am a single mother of a son, Randy (11) and a daughter, Malia (9). Growing up in New Orleans I was brought up in a single parent home with my mother and brother. My mom always talked of becoming a homeowner but being a single parent it was sometimes hard to live past bills being paid. Becoming a mother at a young age I have always wanted to attain stability for myself and kids. My current goals are to become a homeowner and finish school. With the help of Habitat for Humanity one of my dreams are coming true. My kids can now have their own rooms and be able to express their own individual personality in them. It will make me so happy just to watch them be able to play in their own backyard as I currently don’t even allow them to play outside because of the violence in the current neighborhood I live in. Going through this program has been very exciting for me. I loved working at the ReStore and they have the coolest staff to work with. I love being able to go on the construction site and work on houses. Nothing can make you more appreciative of becoming a homeowner than actually working on your own home from beginning to end. I feel so blessed and I thank God, NOAHH, and all the volunteers that give time to help others for this opportunity.

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