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I am only just beginning to solidify my home in New Orleans.  Having moved here from Colorado, I was not quite prepared for the amount of love, warmth and acceptance the city of New Orleans had ready to offer. It is an incredible fortune to have been included as a partner family with NOAHH and as such I am very thankful to have been considered and worked with by the entire team thus far.

I had lived in Denver since I was three before moving to New Orleans in August of 2013. I trained classically on the tuba at the University of Denver until my last year when I became overly interested in the concept of jazz.  Of course, none of my professors quite knew what to do with me so I was mostly left to my own devices to figure the information out.  So, I joined a local brass band.  Long story short, I fell in love with the New Orleans brass band archetype (or so I thought) and decided it was time to move- to Connecticut (whoops).  After a week in CT, it was clear that it would notbe a fit so I took the advice of a new friend to come down to New Orleans.  Almost four years later, it is hard not to feel it was the best advice.  I could never have been incredibly lucky to be embraced in the music community here and am now on pace to become a homeowner.

As an artist, being on the path to become a homeowner in NOLA is a dream for me– and my puppies.  I am humbled by this opportunity to purchase a home of my own and cannot fathom a better way to take pride in the moment than to also be allowed to help build it. Thank you, NOAHH!

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