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My name is Maria Garcia. I was born here in New Orleans and when I was 12, my parents decided that we had to move to Honduras in Central America. I was heartbroken because I missed New Orleans– to me that was home! Eight years ago, I decided to move back because I wanted my son to come to New Orleans and learn to love it as much as I did. Also, I wanted to live in the city that, despite Hurricane Katrina, had survived. It was absolutely beautiful and welcoming as I had always remembered it and I feel that it has welcomed me with open arms. My son, who is a student at Dillard University, is learning to love it as much as I do.

I learned about Habitat through my niece’s father. He kept encouraging me to apply; he was in the program and told me what a great opportunity it was. I was hesitant because I felt I would not be able to qualify. But, once my son was on his way to college, I decided that maybe I should try and see if my dream of becoming a Homeowner could come true. The application process has been wonderful. Emily and all Habitat members have helped me enjoy the process and it’s been wonderful serving the volunteer hours and meeting people that volunteer their time to see homeownership dreams come true. I cant wait to see my home completed and to be able to move in. Thank you for making my dream of becoming a Homeowner come true.

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