Duhe Family

Lauren Duhé was raised in Gramercy, LA and has spent her life living in New Orleans and enjoying all the music, art, and oaks surrounding her.  A graduate of NOCCA and Dominican, she is a mother of two boys who love to climb, laugh, and explore their beautiful city.

Lauren is a licensed massage therapist and has spent the past thirteen years passionately dedicated to building her knowledge and skills. She thrives in her practice at a locally-owned spa in the French Quarter.

Lauren and her boys are grateful for all the love and encouragement that is building their new home. A partnership with Habitat for Humanity means that Lauren can continue to excel in a career she loves while providing her family with a stable home, and her kids can continue to thrive in their arts-based curriculum Orleans Parish school. They are looking forward to living in a truly New Orleans neighborhood, planting trees, growing food, playing ball in the yard, and enjoying sunsets on their purple porch.

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