Casco Family

My name is Juan Carlos Funes Casco and I was born and raised in El Salvador. I arrived in the United States of America on March 26, 2011. I came thanks to my mother and her husband, who also own a Habitat House in New Orleans (Maria and Marvin Goffner). I have lived in this country for four years now. I am married to Wendy A. Huezo Funes-Casco, who is also from El Salvador. We got married on December 31, 2011 in El Salvador, but she arrived to the United States on February 7, 2015. We have been married for 3 and a half years. We are both permanent residents. I work at Jaques imos in the kitchen (4 years now).
We are waiting to buy a house through NOAHH so that we can have a better future. We are planning to have a family. Of course, my mother recommended us to the program and we were very fortunate that we were approved and were able to pick a lot close to my mother’s home in Central City.
We are very BLESSED and SATISFIED with NOAHH’s program and we can’t thank enough for giving us the opportunity to become first time home buyers.

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