Breaux Family

My name is Byron Breaux. I was born and raised in uptown New Orleans. I’ve been a catering manager for Tulane, Xavier, and Southern University of New Orleans since 1999. I have worked several extra jobs to provide for and educate my sons. My oldest son is Byron (27), middle son is Donrell (25), and my youngest son is Gianni (11).

Over the years I have been living from place to place, mostly apartments. My son, Gianni, lives with me sometimes during the week and on weekends. I enjoys having his friends over to play with him, but there’s no where for them to play basketball, which they could play all day and I would not have to worry about them. Other than basketball, they like to play their instruments. Playing their instruments has created problems with the neighbors in the apartment complex. Now that I have become a partner of the New Orleans Habitat Family, I can own my own home. We all can play basketball in MY YARD, and they can play their instruments in MY HOME.

I would like to give my sincere THANKS to New Orleans Habitat for Humanity. I appreciate all the time, effort, and support that Ms. Emily put into helping me become a partner of Habitat. I’m also grateful to have the opportunity to meet and work with everyone at the ReStore. It’s a pleasure to be in the field working with the staff, AmeriCorp, the many volunteers who give their time to help others, and the Habitat families. Without everyone help and support none of this would be possible, Thanks.

As I continue this journey of completing the building of my home, it will not stop there. As a Habitat partner and family member, I will continue to volunteer and help others as they have helped me.

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