Breaux Family

My name is Lynn Breaux; I am one of eleven siblings. I was born and raised in New Orleans. I am a paraprofessional at Milestone Sabis Academy of New Orleans. I am divorced, and have a son, Gage Louis. Gage is attending LSU and majoring in Business.

I was employed with O.P.S.B. before Katrina. In the after math of Katrina, Fortier Senior High did not return. I was unemployed with 7,500 other employees with O.P.S.B. My son and I had to move in with my mother, her friend with her two children, my brother, and my sister. During this time, I was gutting houses for a living. My mother died a year later and since then we have been living with and living in different relative’s homes.

My son and I are presently living in my sister’s house. It is a nice house in a quiet neighborhood; however, we are living with eight other people. I cannot complain because they are family, but the term “MY OWN SPACE” has no meaning. I have never been able to have a home of my own, but now I have an opportunity to do so thanks to New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity.

I do not mind the “sweat hours” because I am learning how a house is built. I have renewed energy since participating in the Habitat Program. I enjoy working in the field with the Staff, AmeriCorp, the many volunteers, and the Habitat Families.

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