Richard Roth’s Legacy

Through the years, Richard Roth gave generously to NOAHH. He strongly supported NOAHH’s mission to build safe, affordable homes for hard working families in the New Orleans area. By including NOAHH in his will planning, he ensured that his generosity would have a deep impact on the families we serve for years to come.

An iconic movie producer and writer, Richard was known for everything from science fiction to nostalgic dramas to Gene Wilder comedies. He lived most of his life in California, getting his start in Hollywood after he finished law school at Stanford. His life was quite ordinary until one day, while at work, he read the Summer of ‘42 screenplay from a slush pile. He borrowed money to buy the rights and pitched the screenplay to To Kill A Mockingbird director Robert Mulligan. The film would become a major hit and earn five Oscar nominations. From there, he continued working on films until moving to work for CBS Entertainment in New York in the 1980s.

In March of 2017, Richard passed away at the age of 76. Shortly after his passing, NOAHH was informed that the affiliate had been included in his will. The generous legacy gift from Richard will fund construction of the homes of three
NOAHH partner families, helping them achieve their dreams of safe, affordable homeownership that will last them for generations. His legacy will endure not just in the films he helped create, but in the communities his support helped build.

We are deeply honored to be a part of Richard’s legacy. By partnering with NOAHH through annual and planned giving, he has empowered families to create their own amazing stories. His gift will continue to provide critical housing solutions to our partner families as they begin their journey to envision and create a stronger future.

To discuss a legacy gift, please call Marguerite at 504-609-3349.

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