NOAHH’s Tithe Partner: Habitat Kyrgyzstan

A little over 15 years ago, Eric and Tanya Weaver came to NOAHH Executive Director Jim Pate (then with the Dallas affiliate) with a request. They wanted to start a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Kyrgyzstan. All Habitat affiliates tithe a portion of their fundraising to Habitat for Humanity International in order to support national affiliates across the globe, and they can select which affiliate their support goes to. The Weavers requested Jim choose their new affiliate as the beneficiary of the tithe. Since Jim had worked with Eric Weaver in Dallas after meeting him at a past build in Hungary, he knew his tithe would be wisely spent. Over the last decade and a half, the relationship between affiliates has continued even after Jim moved on to New Orleans.

If you’ve ever stopped by NOAHH’s offices, you might have occasionally noticed certain handcrafted felt and beadwork gifts on display. These are fashioned by Nargiza Kydykova, Development Director of Habitat Kyrgyzstan, our partner affiliate started by the Weavers. Our partnership with them has flourished over the last 15 years, as both affiliates have grown and improved. To read more about Habitat for Humanity Kyrgyzstan, check out their newsletter!