NOAHH Volunteers Attack the Block in New Orleans Neighborhoods

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This Spring NOAHH volunteers have been taking a half of a day off the construction site to Attack the Block and revitalize neighborhoods and parks in New Orleans. Last week they headed to the Melia neighborhood to continue their work in the East after two weeks in the upper Ninth Ward. This program has been funded by a grant from Keep Louisiana Beautiful and NOAHH has partnered with Green Light New Orleans, New Orleans Fruit Tree Project, Bayou Rebirth, and the Pelican Cooperative to do a variety of projects that clean up the neighborhood and fight blight. Over the last three weeks at AL Davis Park, Bunny Friend Park, and Melia, volunteers collected 206 bags of trash and debris and 81 dumped tires! They also cleared 50 overgrown sidewalks in the neighborhoods.

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Besides the clean-up projects, each week Green Light has lead volunteers in installing free energy efficient light bulbs to homes around the site. So far they have gone to 45 homes and installed 667 light bulbs. Volunteers have also built raised beds and propagated a diverse selection of plants with Bayou Rebirth, the Pelican Cooperative and New Orleans Fruit Tree Project, which are all involved in leasing Habitat lots to grow food, orchards, and other useful plants on unused lots. Several volunteers even repurposed the dumped tires that were collected into planters for papaya with the Pelican Cooperative.

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Tomorrow, April 5th, they will do their last Attack the Block event in Hollygrove at Frederick Square. Stay tuned for a final update on how much we all get accomplished!

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