Join Michael in Building a Stable Future for His Kids

Join Michael in building a stable future for his kids as he battles cancer.

Every family deserves a safe, stable place to live. This is why we build affordable homes with the help of volunteers and future homeowners, then sell them at cost with an interest-free mortgage to low-income New Orleans families.

Ever since Michael was diagnosed with Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia, planning for his four children’s future has taken on a new urgency. Because Michael knows that the best recipe for a strong future is the stability of homeownership, he’s working hard to buy a Habitat home while he is still has mobility. We’re honored to partner with Michael in this process, and we want to make sure the home we build will meet his needs both now and in the years to come. Will you join us in this partnership?

Over time, Michael’s mobility will become increasingly limited, and he will eventually need to use a wheelchair to get around. This means that his house will require additional, more costly features beyond our standard design. Your gift will allow us to bear that cost, rather than passing it on Michael in his mortgage. Every dollar you give will have a real impact on easing Michael’s burden for years to come.

The extra cost of accessibility modifications for Michael’s home includes:

  • wider hallways
  • larger interior and exterior doors
  • wheelchair ramp
  • wider bathroom
  • wheelchair accessible vanity
  • grab bars in bathroom

Michael is doing everything he can to set himself and his children up for success in meeting the very real challenges that lie ahead. Owning his own home will mean, first and foremost, stability. He won’t ever have to worry about rent increases, or not having his lease renewed. Michael will feel a new level of security in knowing that his home is equipped to meet his physical needs as they change over time. Most importantly, this home will give Michael peace of mind in knowing that he has an amazing asset to leave behind for his children.

As with all of our homes, Michael’s house will be built over the course of 3-4 months with the help of help of volunteers, future Habitat homeowners, and our skilled construction supervisors. We anticipate breaking ground on the house in late spring, probably May. Keep any eye on our website for progress pictures of Michael’s home!

Once Michael’s home is complete we will invite you to join us via Facebook Live for our favorite part of the process—the home dedication ceremony. You’ll be able to join us as we present Michael with the key to his home and even come along for a walk through the newly-completed home!

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