Hurricane-Resistant Homes

To so many, the idea of “home” is synonymous with “safety.” Building homes in the New Orleans area means doing our best to ensure Habitat houses can withstand what hurricane season throws at us. These are some of the features used:

  1. Windows that are designed to withstand up to 120 MPH winds.
  2. Homes are raised on cinder block piers to reduce wind and flood damage.
  3. A chain wall is built on the front of the homes to keep things from being blown underneath.
  4. Hardie Simplex siding is a fiber cement board that is impact resistant and much more durable in hurricanes than wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding.
  5. Quick-fastening storm boards and hardware for the windows are provided for the homeowner.
  6. Nailing and fastener patterns hold to highest Florida building codes.
  7. Housewrap and extensive tape beneath the siding serves as a vapor and water barrier.
  8. OSB sheathing connects the walls of the house to prevent uplift and pressure from the sides.
  9. 200+ hurricane straps interlock the home, foundation to roof, and reinforce the frame of the house.
  10. Shear walls are built in the interior of the home to strengthen long runs of the house.