Havilah Malone Joins Crossroads Cincinnati on Site

Thursday, July 24, TV host and motivational speaker Havilah Malone joined NOAHH staff and volunteers on site to speak with them about three of NOAHH’s programs–our homeownership program, our ABWK program, and our HUG Initiative. She is the host of Inside Havilah’s Corner, which airs on My54 WUPL-TV, and she has spent most of her career in media trying to find ways to help others, from her role in the Style Networks TV show The Amandas to her current talk show and live radio show at the Therapy Ultra Lounge. During her time on site, she didn’t just film her segment, but she also stopped to help work on the home in New Orleans East, joining volunteers from Crossroads Cincinnati in the walls on the house.

The Crossroads Cincinnati group is a church-based group of volunteers that has been volunteering with NOAHH for seven years, and their annual trip is a highlight of the summer months both for them and for New Orleans Habitat. Their group was started by 11 friends who wanted an alternative to the church groups they had met, creating a group that is focused on a core of seven values, and from there, it grew into a great organization that has, among many other things, provided longtime support for NOAHH!

You can check out the interview on Saturday, August 2, at 9:30 a.m. on My54 WUPL-TV in New Orleans! Check out Havilah on Facebook or Twitter as well!