What does it take to build a home?

What does it take to turn hammers and nails, boards and siding, into a place where children can play, learn, and grow?

Home is more than just four walls. It’s security and stability. It’s a child’s first time in their own room. It’s a space to have family dinners together. It’s a place you can make your own. For families who have been living in over-crowded apartments or unsafe units, for families who have had to move every few months as rents go up, a home is about changing their lives for the better.

Every year, dozens of families turn to Habitat to make this change. Their lives are transformed as they work their way through our program and achieve their goals.

And it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Volunteers keep costs down by donating their time to build homes or help out in the ReStore. Donors and ReStore shoppers provide funding for new Habitat homes. Those who participate in our major events like Bench and Bar Build, Unity Build, and Women Build not only help build homes but also raise funds. Whether you ran in the All-State Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic this year or showed up during your spring break to volunteer, you have been part of providing partner families with the opportunity to become homebuyers.

Thank you.