Giving Back With Coupons


Bryan and Peggy Cooley have found a way to give to New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity by doing what they do every day: couponing!

The Cooleys had been looking for a way to connect with New Orleanians in need. Bryan acquired an inventory of tools purchased at discounted prices using buy-one-get-one-free coupons. In February 2017, they realized that new Habitat homeowners need tools to do work around their homes—and those tools are expensive. The Cooleys put together homeowner toolboxes containing the basics, from hammers to screwdrivers, from measuring tape to levels.

Toolboxes are one of the six traditional gifts given during Habitat home dedications, along with bread, flowers, a Bible, wine, and keys. Now, with each new home dedication, the homeowner is presented with one of the Cooleys’ toolboxes. Bryan said, “Helping others gives us great joy and satisfaction.”

For a new homeowner these tools mean being equipped to succeed in homeownership by using all the skills they’ve learned during sweat equity. The Cooleys understand that their gifts not only give hope and support, but also makes them feel more aware and connected to the families who benefit. The tools will be useful around the house for years to come and will always serve as a reminder of Bryan and Peggy’s generosity.

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