Give Back Beyond Cincinnati Continues Their Seven Year Commitment

Compelled initially by the effects of Hurricane Katrina, Give Back Beyond Cincinnati (GBBC) has made a tradition out of their yearly trips to New Orleans. For the last 7 years, GBBC has brought their dedication to improving their own community to New Orleans to help beyond their own borders and to experience something a little different. Though their organization works with many different communities, every year, dozens of their volunteers make the trip down to give back in New Orleans specifically.

“I’ve worked with them directly or indirectly for years now. It’s always great to see them come back,” said Scott Pointer, NOAHH’s director of construction. “It’s impressive that they brave the heat every year. We’re very glad to have them here.”

Roughly half of their volunteers each year have been before. According to Chad Lockard, while the storm first brought them to the city, the opportunity to give a “hand up to a fellow city with so much culture, history, livelihood keeps us coming back!”

Their first visits saw them working on Musicians’ Village, which is now finished, and he says that repeat volunteers marvel at the progress they see every time they return. In addition to witnessing the progress of NOAHH and the city, he said the people of New Orleans have continued to make GBBC volunteers feel welcome. “From law enforcement… to locals in the streets, everyone says thank you and appreciates our work,” he said.

Their website proudly proclaims that they are in it for the “long haul.” Though their original commitment was for five years, they have kept coming and their group keeps growing. The allure of New Orleans and the work they do here has brought more and more Cincinnatians to their organization. NOAHH is grateful for their continued commitment and looks forward to their visit each year!

GBBC is a program of Give Back Cincinnati, an organization that provides opportunities to young people in the Cincinnati area to provide support and volunteers for their community.”