A Reunion of Friends

Camaraderie is common on the build site. Working with someone, whether lifting trusses or painting walls, brings people closer together. For old friends who volunteer together, it’s a chance to renew bonds and enjoy each other’s company once again. Some groups, like the Aloha Spa Boys, have made reuniting on a Habitat site an annual tradition. They have come to New Orleans Habitat for ten years now.

For the Spa Boys, their reunion is about reconnecting with each other and with those they helped before. On their visit in September 2017, they stopped in with two of the homeowners whose homes they worked on in previous years.

“We had a great week,” said Brian Greenbaum of the Spa Boys. “It was amazing and so rewarding having the ability to get a first-hand look at the work we have done over the last ten years. It was especially great to meet Lakisha and Andrea and see how they have made the house we built their actual homes!”

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