2018 Teams and Team Leaders

Women with P.O.W.E.R. Tools
Team Leader Liz Broekman: “Fidelity wanted to be involved for several reasons. First our mission is Here For Good. We want to do good in our community and Habitat is such an amazing organization in our city. We have had a very positive relationship with Habitat New Orleans for many years. Secondly  we understand the importance of women in our community and the impact that they make every day. Our new P.O.W.E.R. program (Potential Of Women Entrepreneurs Realized) is proof of our commitment to the women in business and women leaders and entrepreneurs. Participating in the Habitat Woman’s Build is a natural fit for us.”

The Hammer on Krewe
Team Leader Judy Perry Martinez: “I am a long-time fan of the work of Habitat for Humanity, dating back to the 1990’s when my law firm, Simon, Peragine, Smith, & Redfearn, participated in the first Bench & Bar Build. Our family and dear friends also worked on a Habitat house for the Tenth Anniversary of Katrina. When the opportunity arose last spring to bring women friends together to build a house for a young family, it seemed like a natural fit. We had so much fun as we worked together as a team. The “Hammer On Krewe” name was inspired by what I see so many women do, day in and day out: even in the face of adversity, they push forward for their families, they stand tall for their communities, and they make a difference where they can. They hammer on.”

Lady Laborers of Love
Team Leader Vicky Sadin: “First, my mother was a single mother who struggled to raise three daughters on her own in a way different time when women couldn’t even open credit card accounts without their husbands approval, so I can relate to the situation of a single mother who would like to have a better life for her children. Homeownership leads to stability, which usually leads to a better life for children. Second, having been raised in a home with no males, I was able to look past or not even realize that there are societal gender specific roles, and have many times done things that were supposed to be reserved for “men’s work” with success. I love that this program shows women that they are capable of work that is traditionally reserved for men, and thought of as a man’s job. I believe that it is empowering for women to realize all of their capabilities while breaking through societal stereotypes. And third, it’s a really great way to be directly involved in a project that will be and is intended to be life changing, for the better, for another human being or beings. It’s way better to be able to donate time and money to a cause that is hands on, and you can see the result of what you’ve done, and actually meet the person that will have their life changed. For me, that’s way more satisfying than just writing a check and hoping that your donation did some good.”

Ren Pub Rockettes
Team Leader Caitlin Sistrunk: “We’re the Ren Pub Rockettes because 99% of our office is women and we rule the office!”

The SHEetRockers
Team Leader Ellie Rand: “I’ve seen first-hand how affordable home ownership changes lives and New Orleans for the better; Women Build provided the natural opportunity to fully participate. I’ve been there as a working mom with small kids and know how hard it is to juggle work and parenting and home life; owning my home made it somehow easier back then and I wanted to provide that same inspiration to another working mom. Women Build also gave me an excuse to reconnect with friends. Life seems to get busier as we get older and Women Build provides the structure around which to plan to spend time together in a meaningful way. My group loves to come up with “punny” names that are both empowering and humorous. Plus, we all enjoy live music. Hence – The SHEet Rockers!”

Home Makers
Team Leader Jill Dupre: “I am a interior designer and renovation is my favorite aspect of the home design process. I love doing the some of the work myself and enjoy learning about all the different forms of construction. I learned about Women Build last year via social media and wanted to help. I missed my opportunity last year, so made it a goal to be involved this year. I was looking for something fun and tied to women who create. And Craig Moyer at my husband’s advertising agency (Peter Mayer Advertising) came up with it. I love the twist on the traditional homemaker word. We are actually building a home! Home Makers!”

Team Leader Rene Redmann: “We’ve had a large group of girl friends that have stuck together since high school. Over the years, we’ve been through high school dances, relationship breakups, keg parties, weddings, births, deaths, fertility issues, cancer and so much more. We’re a lucky group of women to still have each other over 20 years later. It’s time for us to give back for all we’ve been given. We love the men in our lives but we like to think we can succeed without them! SheGyver is the girl version of MacGyver. We like to figure things out on our own, troubleshoot, problem solve and get things done! As women, we need to stick together and build each other up. Together, we can move mountains.”

We’re Riveting
Team Leader Bentley Boldt: “Rosie the Riveter is one of the most influential and timeless advertisements ever created. A lasting symbol, Rosie represents not only the effect the work of the communications industry can have across generations, but also the female empowerment and determination that we, the women of BMF, still strive for in 2018 and have strived for since the beginnings of BMF 90 years ago. Most importantly, Naomi Parker Fraley, the inspiration for this iconic image passed away at the age of 96 in January of this year. Remembering Fraley and the messages Rosie stood for remain an example for all women and we are proud to bring Rosie’s ideals to this year’s Women’s Build.”

Fête de Femmes
Co-Team Leader Sarah Smith: “Our mission when building our team was to bring together the most empowered women we know, arm them with power tools and a purpose, and together make a difference within our community. We’re an eclectic “gumbo pot” of women, stemming from all walks of life, bonded by our common desire to better the lives of others. New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity has been an organization all of us have wanted to work with, so when the opportunity arose to participate in this years Women’s Build we knew couldn’t pass it up. We’re proud to be women, but also know that being a woman can present challenges many of us struggle to overcome. Women, particularly single mothers, make up the overwhelming majority of those affected by the economic conditions within New Orleans. As women we share a responsibility to support one another when met with adversities difficult to face alone. Women’s Build and the Habitat organization continue to make it possible for so many people to have a genuine and lasting impact on our community by improving the lives of those less fortunate. Fête de Femmes (french for “party of women”), though inspired by our city’s tricentennial celebration, more importantly signifies our commitment to the women of our community, and the impact that we, together as one, will have on New Orleans’ history over the next 300 years …and beyond!”