Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Episcopal Church has long been a partner with NOAHH and a leader in community service in the city. This year, inspired by the Episcopal Diocese’s Year of Racial Reconciliation, they joined Household of Faith for a ten-day blitz build in Hollygrove, sponsoring and building a home for a hard working partner family.

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A Little Wind and Rain Won’t Stop Build-A-Thon

It’s raining! The second week AmeriCorps’ first day on site saw a little bit of inclement weather, but a lot… Read more »

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Trinity Episcopal and Household of Faith Build Together

This morning, two major churches in the New Orleans area came together on site to start a two week blitz… Read more »

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Trinity Episcopal and Household of Faith Timelapse

Follow along with the Blitz Build here! Tuesday, October 6 – Wall Raising: Tuesday, October 6 – Day 1: Wednesday,… Read more »

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The House That Faith Built

Photo credit: Erika Goldring Ashley Kottemann spoke with quiet gratitude to the gathered crowd of volunteers, staff, and friends of… Read more »

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Building More Than Houses

It’s a simple idea: we are better working together than alone. This is true for our volunteers, and it’s true… Read more »

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2015 in Review

When a single mother of three connects to another single mother of three, one who lives hundreds of miles away,… Read more »

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The Impact of AmeriCorps

It is important to acknowledge the impact AmeriCorps members have had on New Orleans. Thousands of people wearing the AmeriCorps… Read more »

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The Third Ingredient

Your support is the answer to the challenges faced by New Orleanians seeking to build a better life through home… Read more »

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Unity Build, Week 1

“When you get here, you pick up a hammer and you go to work. And you start with a prayer,… Read more »

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