Impact Report 2018

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A Remarkable Year

A year at New Orleans Habitat is counted not in days or months, but in lives changed. Two dozen families… Read more »

A Message of Gratitude

NOAHH is a community of communities. To build a home, so many communities come together: staff, AmeriCorps, volunteers, donors and… Read more »

Second Restore Coming Soon!

Matching Values: Bart’s Office Moving’s ReStore Partnership

Ashley Hebert has likely donated enough over the years to have filled multiple ReStores many times over. As the Chief… Read more »

Robert Przygocki: An Amazing Volunteer

There are many ways to help NOAHH. Donating money to the affiliate or calling the ReStore to pick up used… Read more »

2017 in Review

January 2016 was a year of preparation for NOAHH, in many ways. The affiliate spent the year planning for the… Read more »

2017 Annual Impact Report

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ReStore Construction Under Way!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have begun construction on our second ReStore! With your support, NOAHH has seen years… Read more »