Staff Directory

Find below a listing of New Orleans Habitat staff, in alphabetical order by last name, to make sure all Habitat staff and constituents can contact employees in the event of a shutdown or emergency.

Richard Alves
Kenner ReStore Manager
p. 504-273-4700

Andrew Bagnato
Advancement Operations
p. 504-609-3343

Stella Bartholet
Construction Coordinator
p. 504-609-3330

Sally Jane Black
Marketing and Communications
p. 504-609-3344

Sheeri Bornstein
Volunteer Services Coordinator
p. 504-609-3449

Harry Bruns
ReStore Director
p. 504-609-3339

Kieran Bulger
ReStore Logistics
p. 504-831-7991

Eduardo Castillo
IT Help Desk Technician
p. 504-609-3326

Joleen Dacula
Family Services Outreach
p. 504-609-3343

Jim Dempsey
Director of Development
p. 504-609-3338

Sheldon Harrison
New Orleans ReStore Manager
c. 504-496-3909

Kevin Hebert
Director of Strategic Innovation
p. 504-609-3332
c. 504-462-2682

Bradley Holland
Director of Construction

Annette LeBlanc
p. 504-609-3333
c. 504-810-7690

Ray Lieber

Patricia Mariani
Family Services Case Manager
p. 504-609-3352

Warren Mathews
Purchasing Specialist
p. 504-609-3329
c. 504-330-1888

Olivia Morgan
Grants and Special Projects Manager
p. 504-609-3351

Marguerite Oestreicher
Executive Director
p. 504-609-3335
c. 504-638-5337

Tim O’Rourke
Sr. Director of Purchasing, Facilities, and Construction
p. 504-861-2298
c. 504-913-1989

Trudy Oswald
Gifts and Grants Administrator
p. 504-609-3346

Russell Preston
Maintenance/A Brush With Kindness Manager
p. 504-609-5974

Jennifer Pridgen
Property Manager
p. 504-609-3341

Emily Rhodes
Family Services Director
p. 504-609-3345

Richelle Romero
ReStore Donations Director
c. 504-407-1721

Izzy Watson
Family Services Case Manager
p. 504-609-3349

Evan Woitha
Accounts Receivable/Benefits
p. 504-609-3336